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Can’t you just skip a day…?

Recently, I was in training for my job and someone almost asked me if I could just skip a day on a spiritual fast to do what I really desired to do. I say almost asked me because they stopped mid-sentence. I cannot and will not assume why they did not ask but what I know for sure is that they did not ask. That situation got me to thinking about not only the purpose of the class which was harm reduction for HIV but my own personal life. What would happen if I intended to make a positive change in my life and wasn’t

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100% on following through and someone asked, “Can’t you just skip a day?”

What new thing are you starting or have you started and someone asked you to skip a day? What if within your own personal deadline someone asked you to skip a day in your efforts to get your business off the ground, to change your eating habits, to remain celibate with your new cute boyfriend, or to stay on your new exercise plan? Would you sacrifice your plan for their plan? What would be your answer to this person?

The truth is in the past I gave in to the plans of others to skip just one day. At the time I thought what would it hurt? Well, 2 dress sizes later it hurt a lot. I decided that skipping a day or week wouldn’t be that big of a deal and that I would just jump right back into my routine but I didn’t Things came up. My life changed. All of a sudden I became too busy or too tired to follow through. I am not saying that will happen to you but it did for me. So I caution you to not take the suggestion of a person who doesn’t know what it took for you to arrive at the decision to follow through on the plan in the first place.

Well, needless to say my classmate in the training didn’t finish the question but I was fully prepared to say, “No. I cannot skip a day. My soul depends on it.” And for those of you wondering about my dress size…check back and see what The Elect Ladies has planned for the new year. Your life just may depend on it:)

What are your plans if someone asks, “Can’t you just skip a day?”

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

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