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Elect Ladies has been

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in a series discussing how we as women can’t get past our own “stuff” long enough to see another woman as our sister. The facilitator helped us to see how we are disconnected from each other based on many things such as our own personal experiences, impatience with our situations, and insecurities. Many times we dismiss each other based on a less than one minute experience without looking closer. We don’t consider if the other woman has recently moved from another city, state, or heck a new place in her life. We don’t consider if the other woman is frustrated waiting on a promise that seems as if it is never coming. We don’t consider how the other woman may need us to simply say that it will be ok and support her in the way that she needs it.

Over the next 30 days I challenge you to intentionally connect to other women. It can be as simple as saying, “Good morning” while smiling or picking up the phone (yes I said the phone) to check on an old friend. The conversation doesn’t have to be long. She just may need that call. Invite someone to a day out to window shop, thrifting, or coffee (for my ladies on a budget). Pick up a good book that encouraged you during a low moment in your life and randomly share with a woman. Get creative but most importantly, get connected.

Tell us about a time someone connected with you. Consider checking back and sharing how you connected with others. Let’s go!

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

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  • This is so on point!! It is crucial that women learn how to connect with other women. Unfortunately, women are teaching are young girls to dismiss other girls based on their FEELINGS. Great blog!!! It’s time for the REAL ladies to stand up & intentional connect with other women. We NEED each other to survive!

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