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Are You Up For Our 12-12-12 Challenge?

Today many people made a BIG deal out of 12-12-12….and we happened to be one of them :-). We proposed our own special way to make use of this memorable day in history. So are you up for our 12-12-12 challenge? We challenge you to make 12 New Choices and 12 New Changes in the

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Can’t you just skip a day…?

Recently, I was in training for my job and someone almost asked me if I could just skip a day on a spiritual fast to do what I really desired to do. I say almost asked me because they stopped mid-sentence. I cannot and will not assume why they did not ask but what I

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Get Connected

Elect Ladies has been “about”acheter viagra en ligneinhalers consumers can buy in a series discussing how we as women can’t get past our own “stuff” long enough to see another woman as our sister. The facilitator helped us to see how we are disconnected from each other based on many things such as our own

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